Package Oil-Free BEBICON


Package Oil-Free BEBICON


V-type (Variable Speed Control)
  • Energy-saving! 15% *1
  • Power-saving (Constant-pressure control with Inverter)
  • Constant-pressure control system can keep discharge pressure in the range of +/- 0.03MPa of setting pressure and can control motor rotating speed in proportional to air consumption

VM Combi System:
  • Ideal power saving with the V-type and M-type BEBICON combined operation

Environmentally-friendly with oil free structure
  • Oil free air supply
  • No oil exchange program
  • Oil free drain
  • No oil contamination

Digital indication
  • Easy-to-see time counter provided as standard.
  • Simple operation by coordinated control of compressor and air dryer.(types with built-in air dryer)
  • Pre-operation of the air dryer or simultaneous operation of the air dryer and compressor can easily be selected by a single switch.

Conventional Type
  • Regardless of the mode of operation, the air dryer starts or stops automatically
  • according to the amount of air used, ambient temperature, etc.
  • If any abnormal condition occurs with the air dryer in operation, the compressor and air dryer are automatically stopped and the MAINTENANCE lamp lights.
  • Use of a smaller-sized air tank made it possible to design a more compact compressor.

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