Package Lubricated BEBICON


Package Lubricated BEBICON


Use of (NEW) PUSC system
  • The PUSC system allows efficient operation according to the air quantity used. A semiconductor pressure sensor quickly detects a change in pressure, and the microcomputer selects either "pressure switch" or "automatic unloader" system automatically (patent pending).

Digital pressure indication
  • The microcomputer converts the signal from the pressure sensor for digital display of pressure.
  • High efficiency flapper valves employed for ling life of 10,000 hrs.

Compact and Light in Weight
  • Mounting area and weight reduced by aluminum cylinder head.

Easy to Maintain
  • Main spare parts designed the same as conventional type. Rings, connecting rod, and crank shaft (excluding high efficiency flapper valves).
  • Noise is reduced even more through the development of a cooling air intake/exhaust system.
  • A new vibration proof design that minimizes vibration to the exterior.
  • An "alarm" is standard-equipped that lets you know when to supply oil.
  • A space-saving design
  • Use of the PUSC system eliminates the need for a vertical type air tank that was required with the former pressure switch system. (If a large volume of air is needed momentarily, then the vertical type air tank is recommended.)

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