SRL 22 KW Model


SRL 22 KW Model


Scroll compression principle

  • Compressor sucks air through air inlet located at outer scroll.
  • Compression chamber goes smaller with rotary movement and trapped air is compressed.
  • Compression chamber becomes minimum volume at the center of the scroll and air is pumped out through air outlet located at the center of scroll.
  • These, suction, compression & discharging, process is repeated continuously.

Innovation through Technology
  • Proprietary Tip Seal and Unique Scroll Wrap
    • Increased performance (low leakage)
    • Extended service intervals
    • High efficiency

Special Alumite Treatment
  • Extends scroll life
  • Limits life cycle cost

Environmentally Friendly
  • Oil-Less Design
    • Eliminates environmental emissions
    • Concerns natural resources
  • Industry Leading Sound
    • Quiet enclosure standard
    • Design for the minimization of leak paths

Energy Efficiency
  • Microprocessor Based Control
    • Provides the optimized package operation under varying condition.
  • Special Tip Seal Material
    • Provides hgh performance with high reliability by extremely low wear.

Versatility of Design
  • Control Design
    • Standard microprocessor control
    • Cycle control logic protects from rapid cycling
  • Space Saving
    • Unit is compact in overall dimension
    • Panel accessibility promotes space conservation

Long Maintenance Cycle With Long Life Consumable Parts
  • Compressor head replacement at every 10,000 hours or 4 years whichever comes earlier.
  • Noise level is only 45dB[A] that is like in the library (1.5kW)

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